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How to Leverage Instagram for Magento Store

09th December 2016

  Till now, you might be using Instagram to share photos with amazing filter options, right? Have you ever thought the most popular app can get you lots of money as well! You just need to step

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Add Pagination to Custom Collection in Magento

08th December 2016

If you are starting with Magento, just like I am, you might run into the issue of adding pagination to your table, list of products or anything else you want to list on frontend. Magento allows you

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How to Install Magento SUPEE 8788 With or Without SSH

07th December 2016

Magento recently released SUPEE 8788 to safeguard stores against potential threats. In order to keep your stores secure, it is recommended to install this patch as soon as possible. Here, I have

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Road to the Code with Less Bugs?

06th December 2016

I think that writing any non-trivial software without introducing bugs is close to impossible. World is complex, data used in programs is complex, handling all possible interactions of our code with

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Magento Theme Giveaway by Argento

05th December 2016

Christmas is nearing and our friends Templates Master are in the spirit. They are presenting a chance for you to win a license of Argento, one of the most versatile Magento theme available online. Use

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Minify your CSS and JavaScript code!

29th November 2016

If you are reading this article, you are probably somehow involved with web development. It is also most likely that you already know how search engines use page speed as one of the parameters for

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Anna Green – November

29th November 2016

1. PocketMaker 3d printer Indiegogo Check out this 3D printer. I remember when these things were just a pipe dream, and now I want one! Take a look here… 2. Are designers special? By Jennifer Aldrich

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Tommy Pyatt – November

29th November 2016

1. How are the world’s most successful brands using the psychology of colour in their branding By Larry Kim Something that’s fascinated me for a long time is research into how colour affects our

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How to Remove Malware From Magento

28th November 2016

Malware is short for malicious software. This type of software is designed to gain entry into a system without the knowledge of owner. Once present, a malware generally goes on to create chaos. It

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