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How to Add Social Login in Magento 2

27th March 2017

Most people aren’t patient enough to fill lots of information when signing up for a website or an online store. That’s why many ecommerce stores integrate social logins which allow a user to use

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Meet our website development leads

24th March 2017

When planning large-scale projects for your ecommerce business, such as replatforming or migrating your ecommerce website and selecting a suitable platform, choosing the right developers to work with

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How I learned to stop worrying and love 3rd party modules for Magento

21st March 2017

It’s just another day at the office. “Coffee tastes best on a Friday morning”, you think to yourself while reading emails from the previous day. Couple of guys are shouting in the back, and you’re

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How to Integrate WordPress Blog in Magento

20th March 2017

It’s not easy to attract audience when you have limited information on your ecommerce store. Product descriptions, reviews, and content pieces are essential in helping your customers decide what to

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Most common mistakes with Magento 2 websites and how to avoid them

17th March 2017

Magento 2 is a high-powered, modern and flexible platform enabling ecommerce businesses to deliver innovative integrated omnichannel consumer experiences. This is thanks to Magento 2’s

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Biggest missed opportunities in ecommerce revealed

15th March 2017

As an experienced ecommerce consultancy and award-winning developer of Magento and Magento 2 websites, we see so many missed opportunities holding brands back and hindering their progress. Whether

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How to Use Magento 2 Layouts, Blocks, and Templates

13th March 2017

Layouts and templates build the blocks of a theme in Magento 2. Layouts are the XML files that specify the overall structure of a page like the position of header, side columns, and footer, etc.

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Using PostCSS with Sass

07th March 2017

In this article we’ll be looking to a basic overview of PostCSS from the perspective of a developer whose current CSS development process includes use of CSS preprocessor, or in particular, Sass. If

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